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Re-Enforced Brick Pallets

AAC as a building material has gained a considerable share of the international construction market since its inception in the 1920’s. The market for AAC Blocks has been growing at an unprecedented rate and thus an ever-increasing demand for it’s manufacturing.

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Fly Ash Brick Pallets

Ricron Paver Block Pallets are widely used in the concrete product production line for manufacturing products like Concrete Blocks, Pavers, Interlocking Pavers, Curbstones, Cinder Blocks etc.

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Paver Block Pallets

Ricron Reinforced Brick Pallet is a revolutionary product in the field of Brick manufacturing industry. It is rapidly changing the landscape of manufacturing process on both large scale and small scale brick making companies.

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Deeya Panel Products Pvt Ltd is a leader in the innovation of new technologies in the construction building materials sector. We are manufacturers and exporters of a wide array of products and are leaders in Brick Pallets, Regenerated Plastic Sheets, Regenerated Plastic Sheet Pallets, Paver Block Pallets and Recycled Plastic Sheets.  Ricron Panels is our unique breakthrough-patented product and is made out of regenerated aluminum and industrial grade plastic composites. This proprietary technology is a great cost-effective substitute for plywood and MDF in numerous industrial and commercial applications.

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